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Operation: Dying light's success

The Harrowing has passed, the results are in and the year settles. Operation Dying light seen a great among of action, bringing forward a new type of tactical warfare using the darkness as an ally, screams of surprise echoed out as whole groups would pop out from no where or an enemy would disappear into the shadows.

The matches were even but Light(Blue) brought home the victory with a 20% lead winning 60-40 against the dark(Red).

Special shout out to the Llangadog Rugby team for joining the event and having some of the most epic clashes in battle, truly a deciding factor in the war efforts.

Due to Operation: Dying light's success and the positive response it has received it is now a permanent booking, you can head over to the prices section to see all the information, so get yourself an evening booking now and survive the coming darkness.

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